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We have lived with a traditional dining room for years, but don't use it but several times a year. In brainstorming about the space adjacent to our kitchen, I decided the idea of a lounge would be a good fit for our family. We love gathering at dinnertime, catching up, playing games, and watching the chef. :) There are five of us, and our dog Bailey. Lots of energy in our home! There is always a puzzle or game going on. Chess is a big hit right now, our son Danny is a real champ! Cribbage, Backgammon, and of course, music and Netflix in the background. Jeff loves to cook and we love to eat so it is great to be able to hang out all together without crowding our chef. As we removed our load bearing wall between the old dining room and kitchen, this concept was possible. I consulted with Ramona Williamson at The Closet Factory to conceptualize the built in, which would frame the room. Next, I needed a comfortable sitting area and decided on the Versa sectional by American Leather. Seva Home in Seattle was my source. I used the same Ashley Norton hardware that it is my kitchen and new bathroom to show consistency in flow and design. I am hanging the light fixture this week and will repost the picture as I found an incredible chandelier that will really anchor the room! It is a walnut wood circular fixture, gorgeous! I ordered pillows from Susan Connor (NY) and One Affirmation. Accents from boutiques all over the Seattle area.

The entire project from concept to install took 12 weeks. Very rewarding to have it all come together!

Next, a functional dining room, my next project is a built in banquette which will go on the opposite side of the kitchen in a smaller nook. A casual place for us to sit for dinner or office time. Photos to come! Concept is percolating. :-)

The before is below.

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